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We will help your business grow by understanding your markets and customers and providing innovative sales solutions globally and locally.

Do you need to find more customers and identify additional opportunities within your existing customer base? Let us help you develop or strengthen your Sales, Marketing and Business Development process, uncover and penetrate the new and emerging markets that will drive your growth and build the sales channels and customer relationships required for long term success. Our focus at Global Sales Initiatives is to help you:

Accelerate Global Growth

Accelerate revenue growth with an aggressive and properly aligned Sales model and channels that will sharpen your focus on the Voice of the Customer and grow market share with your existing customer base.

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Establish a Plan

Establish an effective Business Development plan and "go to market" strategy that will energize your efforts to find and penetrate new customers.

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Partner With You

Partner with your team to build a bridge between your products, business model and customers and to develop a synchronized Marketing plan that will highlight your strengths, effectively position your product in your target markets and differentiate you from competition.

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